: A little bit more about the man behind the camera :


Scott Burrows is among some of the most creative and experienced architectural photographers working today. His approach to representing architecture and design is both artistic and documentitive. He understands a building not only needs to be viewed as an object but also a response to its purpose, its context, its materiality and its relationship with people. He also believes that photography is a form of art and images need to promote an emotional response from those who are viewing his work.

Scott’s style of work is unique. He does not subscribe to current day practices of heavy post processing and over stylised or staged, manuscripted shots. He maintains a sense of realism about the work he creates for clients with a touch of artistic creativity and elements of fun. Successful firms see their future in maintaining a working relationship with Scott as their number one photographer.

His work as an architectural photographer commenced in 1999 and his breadth of experience to now has seen him photograph just about every facet of architecture and interior space. This knowledge and exposure to work ensures that his clients are getting a photographer who is well versed in the project type they are undertaking as well as someone who is able to schedule and organise a shoot to obtain the very best results. He has a strong set of communication skills to liaise with property managers, thus taking a lot of the work load off his own clientele when organising shoots. His experience also allows him to photograph without the need for on site direction from clients, although he does find briefing discussions and site visits an essential part to a successful outcome.

Scott’s commitment to his work is reflected in the type of equipment he employs to capture architecture. He uses high end IQ Phase One digital backs along with technical cameras and the very best in optical lenses. This equipment is the benchmark to which all architectural photographers should attain. Fine control and movements with technical cameras along with the superior resolving power of lenses creates imagery of a high standard and ability to craftimages that other non-technical cameras are unable to achieve. His view is simple when it comes to distinguishing himself. Its not the images clients are getting.Its the images they are missing out on due to a lack of a photographer's experience, creativity and technical ability in their equipment.

He is commissioned by a wide range of design clientele groups including architects, interior designers, landscape architects, engineers, leading property developers and associated industry consultants. He travels throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, China and Japan accepting photographic jobs. His work is regularly published in many of the respected design industry magazines, high end coffee table books on architecture and he has a strong social media presence ensuring his clients work is visible in the marketplace.

Scott has two studios based in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia.